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Sweetened Cold Brew

This Sweetened Cold Brew is highly caffeinated (326 mg worth) and delivers that sweet pick-me-up to carry you through your day.  Ditch the chemically laced energy drinks that are full of disgusting ingredients and let our Cold Brew give you the clean energy boost you need. 

TASTING NOTES: Sweet chocolate almond flavor & a smooth creamy citrusy finish and pure can sugar.  

CAFFEINE CONTENT: 326 MG per 12 fl oz

SHELF LIFE: 6 months from canning date & shelf stable (refrigerate before enjoying).

CONTENTS: 100% roasted Arabica coffee, filtered water, and vanilla flavoring.

SUBSCRIPTION POLICY: A 3 order commitment is required on subscriptions before it can be cancelled. You will be automatically charged for each order on. Modifying subscription items is allowed.