Morning Brew - Honduran

This coffee is everything you need to get your day started correctly; it provides the drinker with a smooth and bold cup of coffee that won't disappoint!  Roasted fresh, and delivered fresh, this medium roast will leave you wanting more.       

CUP PROFILE: Prominent lime notes in flavor

    BODY: Medium
    ACIDITY: Low
    PROCESS: Washed
    ELEVATION: 1450 - 1700 meters ASL

SUBSCRIPTION POLICY: A 3-month commitment is required on subscription orders before it can be cancelled. You will be automatically charged each month. Modifying subscription items is allowed.

Please Note: All orders placed during the week will be roasted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and shipped on the following Monday.

We cannot guarantee orders placed after December 15th will make it prior to Christmas.

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